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    True GRIT Test Booster, 120 Tablets


    • Mã sản phẩm: 631656091090
    • Thương hiệu: True GRIT
    • Mô tả ngắn: 100 MG SHILAJIT 125 MG WITHANIA 300 MG FENUGREEK "You're an extreme athlete with hard goals. An athlete who brings a level of gritness to everything you do. For the days you drove through a blizzard to get to the gym...for the times you trained legs when everyone else was training chest...for the nights you trained back when you had the flu. We salute the iron warriors who are a 10 on the scale of gritness. It's for trainers like you...who fight adversity with everything they do...that we made True Grit™ supplements. To give you the edge you need to dig deeper and get grittier!" THỰC PHẨM BỔ SUNG TRUE GRIT™ LÀ GÌ? True Grit™ là nguyên liệu,...